Cotton and nylon door mat-1513

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Door mat from the house of Firangi Retail is a premium quality decorative door mat which is heavy, modern style, anti-skid, durable door mat, made of high quality cotton, nylon and mix of polyester. You can use this door mat in your home to make your home look stylish and modern. Firangi decorative strips hvy door cum bath mat is durable and solves your cleaning as well as decorative needs. You will definitely fall for this modern door mat without a doubt as it absorbs dust and doesn?t let it cross. Use it in kitchen, rooms and bathroom or as per your need to keep place clean. The brand new Firangi decorative strips hvy door cum bath mat looks cute in all colors and is a must have for all homes. High quality stitching of this doormat makes it durable and easy to clean. This door mat from Firangi is stylish, durable, anti skid and highly dust absorbent. Buy it now and you will get it from five beautiful colors.

Size-28*48 Inchs


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